The Ice Cream Man is coming your way, but don't be fooled, the Ice Cream Pirates are far more than just your ordinary Ice Cream Man (and woman) they're bringing adventurous, swashbuckling, fun to a village near you.


Our 2008 event schedule is filling up. Come see us at one of our events or put in a drive by request NOW!

Klondike, Popsicle, Snowcones, and more!

Impress your friends and support the pirates with an ICP wardrobe.

Argh!! Come meet the Mateys who be bringing good fun to a neighborhood near you!

Have fun online! Games, links, and more.

The transporter is a fine vessel. A beautiful 1978 Vintage Bus.

Can't get that song out of your head? Give in! Listen to our tunes all day!

Adventures of the pirates come to life in our official blog.

Add some DARRR to your workplace, by calling the pirates to get a hassle free vending machine.

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